Bling Ribbon! Metal and ribbon, what a combination!

Well, I have been cleaning, putting up Christmas decorations at least on the inside.  I would like to keep them up since it takes so long to put them up but I have so much to do with regards to work.  

Tomorrow, although it's New Year's Eve and we have company coming (it's Daddy G's birthday New Year's Day), I will be cleaning my shop and cutting some beautiful pieces for my awesome customers! So, an early start will be in store for tomorrow.  

Today, while cleaning and organizing, I remembered I bought this beautiful ribbon Monday.  I can't wait to use it on a new aluminum monogram.  It's large, 4 inches wide and blingy (is that a word?) and it's gorgeous!  So stay tuned for the final product.  I love the thought of gorgeous embroidered, sequined and beaded ribbon with my aluminum monograms.  It's like a ying and a yang!  

I also like the thought that my house is somewhat clean.  Now, the outside, that's another story entirely. Our monsoon rains here in southeast have caused my outside decorations to continue to stay wet/soaked.  So until they dry, they will be displayed, which looks to be at least until March, LOL. We've had more rain than Seattle and I'm not kidding.  

Can you imagine this soaked in rain?  But it still looks great.  I made this last year and I surely would hate for it to be ruined.  Luckily, burlap is so versatile and easy to work with.  

So here's to another wonderful year to you!  Happy New Years!  I look forward to meeting more of you and making wonderful, gorgeous, one of a kind gifts especially for you!  Thank you for your support and thank you for allowing me to do what I love!



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