Doggie Paw Ornament

$ 10.00
Attention all dog lovers! We had to include our fur-babies! A tree would not be complete without showing our fur baby love! Our bare brushed aluminum ornament is beautiful! It will sparkle among your Christmas lights! It features a reverse cut heart inside a large sweet paw. This is definitely a great addition to your Christmas decor! Our ornaments are beautiful displayed on a vase, a frame, a candle and anywhere else you can imagine. Can be used inside or outside! These also look great hung on a Christmas stocking!
Size: 4.5" tall by 4"wide. Made of aluminum.
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Ornament will ship within 2 weeks.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ALUMINUM CORROSION- Aluminum will eventually corrode, and aluminum is prone to corrode. However, aluminum corrosion is called aluminum oxide which is a very hard material that protects aluminum from further corrosion and protects itself. Aluminum oxide looks like aluminum, a dull gray/white powdery color. Aluminum is one of the longest lasting materials for outdoor applications. But to try and preserve the bare, brushed aluminum shine for as long as possible, you may choose to apply a metal sealant or a painted clear coat immediately after receiving and as needed in the future. Proper maintenance of your sign is suggested for a longer lasting appearance whether your sign is bare, brushed aluminum or painted aluminum.