Shawn Weigman Designs, LLC

Shawn Weigman Designs, LLC is a female-owned metal fabrication business offering custom CNC cutting, monogrammed door and wall hangers along with custom art for your home or patio, all made with aluminum and all created in the USA since 2015!  We offer complete customization. Items include monogrammed door hangers, lettering, patio monograms, lake house name plates, beach house name plates, family name plates, garden gate inserts, pool signs, farm signs and much more. 
Note that Shawn Weigman Designs, LLC no longer offers business signs.  In 2021, we have decided to concentrate on residential monograms, signs and decor.  


It's simple.  Aluminum is a perfect solution for signs and monogrammed door hanger material.  Aluminum is perfect for both interior and exterior applications.  
Just think about the durability of a street sign, a real estate sign, license plates, aluminum cans among other aluminum products. Aluminum will hold up as long as, if not longer than any other sign material. Our products are made in the USA!
Although aluminum is more expensive, we have chosen to offer you the most durable, versatile and weather resistant material that we can provide.  Our products are top quality and are made with the highest quality materials available in the market. 
Please contact us here with any questions.