Collection: Everything Monogrammed

Everything we create, we create with aluminum.  Aluminum is the perfect metal to create these beautiful pieces because it will last without the worry of warping or splitting.  Aluminum is commonly used in many outdoor applications including street signs, gutters, cans, machinery, airplanes and so many other wonderful things.  We decided to use aluminum for it's many great qualities and also because it's light enough to be used in inside decor as well as outside.  So when you're wanting to use your piece outside, whether you decide to mount it on your home, fence, outdoor fireplace or garage, don't hesitate.  Our monograms and signs are created for interior or exterior use.

The only maintenance is to occasionally wash your piece with mild soap and water, especially outside where pollen, dirt and dust may accumulate.  If you choose a painted piece, you may want to respray it in a few years with a metal paint.  Brushed aluminum will require you to seal your aluminum with a metal sealant or clear coat to help slow the oxidation (cloudy, powdery substance that aluminum produces to protect itself) and to maintain that sealant or clear coat throughout the years.  Your brushed aluminum finish will come with a clear coat but you may need to respray a clear coat years later.

If you take care of your sign, it will remain beautiful for years!