Three letter round monogram

Type your monogram exactly as you would like it to appear on your sign
$ 58.00
Three letter monogram with two block letters on each side and a cursive letter in the center is perfect for your first, middle and last name initials or a couples monogram (his and her first name and last name initial in the center).  Monogram shown is attached to a faux boxwood wreath and these two monograms were hung on the entrance doors of the wedding venue.  NOTE:  Wreaths are not included. 
This beauty is gorgeous either bare ground aluminum or painted the color of your choice.  Made with aluminum to last for years and years. 
Various sizes and colors are available.
Aluminum is more expensive than some products but is perfect for outdoor décor since it will not rust, will not warp and will not deteriorate.  It’s also light enough that is can be used for interior décor and is beautiful left bare or painted. 
Order yours today!  These make great gift ideas!
Orders take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete before shipping.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  A proof will be sent before we create your piece to the email provided when ordering.  Item comes with rope hanger that can easily be removed if not needed.
Custom sizes are available.  Please see our Custom page.  
IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING ALUMINUM CORROSION- Aluminum will eventually corrode, and aluminum is prone to corrode.  However, aluminum corrosion is called aluminum oxide which is a very hard material that protects aluminum from further corrosion and protects itself.  Aluminum oxide looks like aluminum, a dull gray/white powdery color.  Aluminum is one of the longest lasting materials for outdoor applications.  But to try and preserve the bare, brushed aluminum shine for as long as possible, you may choose to apply a metal sealant or a painted clear coat immediately after receiving and as needed in the future. Proper maintenance of your sign is suggested for a longer lasting appearance whether your sign is bare, brushed aluminum or painted aluminum.